After-School Tuition

After-School Tuition

Culturlab is a training centre consisting of qualified teachers. Our aim is to offer a first-class education adapted to the requirements of each and every student. In our centre, located in Arrecife, we offer tuition programmes for the main subjects at Primary, Secondary and Bachillerato levels. Our tuition groups have a reduced number of students. The areas covered by these classes will be the three main educational fields: science, arts and languages. Each student can contract the number of hours they wish to take in each of these areas and will receive support for all the subjects contained within that field. Our students can also use the study areas available in order to do their homework, work on projects or prepare for exams with the advantage of having the teachers close by should they have any queries. Culturlab has a Wi-Fi network and computers available so that our students have the means to search for any information they may need for their homework or projects. Parent-teacher communication is essential for an adequate monitoring of each student. Therefore, in Culturlab the teachers will regularly inform parents of their children’s progress.
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